Little Drummer Boy (Single)

by Love Spirals Downwards



This 1998 recording was the last musical collaboration between band founder, Ryan Lum, and vocalist, Suzanne Perry. It's an atmospheric drum ‘n’ bass re-imagining of the classic Christmas song, “The Little Drummer Boy,” featuring jazzy Rhodes piano by guest musician, Gabriel D. Vine, of Monkey Bars. Though created for one of the popular 'Excelsis' holiday music collections released by Projekt Records, the song was rejected and sat dormant for a year. It has been made available as an mp3 over the years -- sometimes called “The Little Drum ‘n’ Bass Boy.”

Happy Holidays!


released November 24, 1999

Ryan Lum: composition, programming, bass, production
Gabriel D. Vine: Rhodes piano
Suzanne Perry: vocals


Photo by Susan Jennings
Logo by Michael Plaster
Design by Anji Bee




Love Spirals Downwards Los Angeles, California

Between 1992 and 1998, musician, Ryan Lum and vocalist, Suzanne Perry, released 4 best-selling Projekt albums under the name Love Spirals Downwards, with a unique blend of ethereal, shoegazer, folk, world, ambient, and electronica styles. In 2000, a retrospective comp, Temporal, was released with several new remixes, and in 2014, a long awaited collection of archival live recordings was released. ... more

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